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Bachelor of Information & Communication Technology
The Fontys University of Applied Sciences course ICT & Media Design educates on web development basics such as HTML5, CSS.  As well as developing creative solutions for new media, mainly Instagram and Facebook. The art classes such as typography and photography where invaluable for my creative development and workflow.
Bachelor of Arts (BA)
The NHTV University of Applied Sciences: International Media Entertainment Management (IMEM). The NHTV puts emphasis on team-work by simulating a professional work environment; with an all student crew hosted a weekly live radio show at NHTV, for two years.
Graduated February 2017 with a thesis exploring the psychographic interests of young urban creatives; by means of desk research and focus groups the aim was to better understand this young digital audience. Additionally, a business plan accompanied the thesis, in order to visualize the goals for this platform.
Graphic Design Internship
In charge of the art direction for the Dancefair event. Daily activities included; designing posters, flyers, social-media posts, timetables, floor plans, lay-outs and DTP work – all in line with the visual identity of Dancefair. It allowed me to build great connections with talented people in the music industry.
Graphic Design & Art Direction
Specializing in color and typography. Characterized by a simplistic and colorful style, all graphics on this platform are made by me. Proficient user of Adobe’s editing suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign & Premiere Pro.
DJ & Production
Playing clubs, private parties, festivals and other venues. Whether by playing disco at Nachtcollege, playing hip-hop at BED Rotterdam (now NORA) or playing slow jams at a private party (with Mark Rutte in attendance). You learn the most by playing at a variety of different clubs and audiences, rarely sticking to ‘one flavor’ or genre. I’m continuously trying to find a sound that ties all these different places together by playing timeless and tasteful music.

Bartderoos.com is where I share my love for music, design and life in general. I try to create and curate cool and timeless content. I’ll mostly be posting mixes, edits and short articles.

As a DJ I work with brands such as SAIL Amsterdam, BASIS Utrecht, Nachtcollege, Club AIR, Chicago Social Club, Dancefair, RAMBAM, BNN and VARA. I play clubs, private parties, festivals and other venues. On stage I’m playing new music and all-time favorite party tracks. The goal is to be retro and futuristic by playing tasteful, danceable and timeless music. My music revolves heavily around 3 genres: Funk, Hip-Hop and House.

I’d also like to give an open invite to anyone who’s interested in collaborating. I’m always open for creative suggestions and submissions. By being active in the community, I am working to organically develop this space. I also offer the possibility to build this online platform with me.

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